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Fermented foods: 8 000 years of continuous innovation dedicated to taste

Marie-Christine CHAMPOMIER-VERGES- Fermented foods: 8000 years of continuous innovation dedicated to taste

The lesson, illustrated by examples, will begin by reminding those present of the long and extraordinary history of fermented foods throughout the world. Many raw materials, both animal and vegetal can, in fact, be fermented, giving added value to food in terms of both culture and taste. Even before the role of micro-organisms was understood, mankind was able, thanks to its creative nature, not only to protect food using fermentation but also to diversify taste in the most spectacular of ways.

The lesson will then go on to focus on how, from the basis of Pasteur’s discoveries, research further developed to provide a better understanding of the involvement of microbial ecosystems in fermentation, particularly in the genesis of aroma compositions and how, over the past century, knowledge has increased thanks to methodological approaches that are ever more advanced, such as -omics.

The final part of the course will examine the “living” nature of fermented food. Due to the microbial quantity and diversity they contain, fermented foods are, by their very nature, individual and unique in our diet. The current situation and outstanding questions concerning their nutritional benefits will be presented as a basis for reflection on the diet of the future. Finally, to conclude, the cultural and longstanding dimension of traditional fermentation, which is closely linked to the resources and know-how of a region or human community, will be closely examined in relation to globalization. The latter is, objectively speaking, a threat to diversity and, as a direct result, the extent and range of "tastes" that mankind has taken millenniums to create.

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