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The Heritage of Family Tastes - José BOSSUET MARTINEZ, HEG 2008 graduate

Chef Bossuet Martinez - Hautes Etudes du Goût graduateChef José BOSSUET MARTINEZ, HEG 2008 graduate, recently published the thesis he wrote towards the completion of his HEG studies.

Does taste heritage within a family exist ? If so, how is it passed on ?

After attending Natalie Rigal's and Patrick McLeod's lectures during the HEG program, José asked himself what perceptions and sensations were, what the real significance of heritage was, and if it was possible to find, within a family, the same features as far as taste is concerned, just like among the wines produced by the same winery, of which the winemaker would say they share some characteristics, a common identity.

The book, available in digital version on his website, is entitled La Herencia del Gusto FamiliarThe Heritage of Family Tastes »).

This achievement is a real source of pride for José, who says that attending the Hautes Etudes du Goût program was a life-changing experience.

In 2009, he developed his own website to share his knowledge in Culinary Arts.

Subsequently, he was also invited by fellow classmates, culinary professionals as well, to speak and cook in food conferences, like the Dublin Gastronomy Symposium, sharing the conference “Cuisine & Culinary Traditions, Reflecting the Historic Relationship between Mexico and Ireland”. He was also an invited Chef for the Gazantiep Gastronomy Project, organised by the Gazantiep University in Turkey. He developed new contacts and new friendships.

Mexico native born in Chiapas, José has occupied the Executive Chef position in several Luxury Hotels around Mexico, including AAA properties and Leading Hotels of the World.

From 2001 till 2003, he has been the Executive Chef of the President of Mexico, he served as the head chef to former Mexican president Vicente Fox, where he was in charge of the Presidential Airplane Committee, travelling with the president on international trips.

Since February 2013, he is associate manager and chef of Café Contento in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

We share José's happiness and congratulate him for his culinary achievements. He is a worthy representative of Mexican Cuisine and of the HEG family in Mexico.

Chef José Bossuet Book - The Heritage of Family Tastes

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