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Amy Van, HEG graduate of class 2009

Amy Van - Editor of Appetite Magazine, Singapore, and cookbook authorEditor of Appetite Magazine, Singapore, and cookbook author

This book that I co-authored with food writer Christopher Tan, celebrates Singapore's Chinese cuisine. It documents the cultural and culinary heritage of the different dialect groups including Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew, Hakka and Foochow.

The book offers an overview of the history and culture of Singapore's Chinese community (whose ancestors hail from Southern China), followed by a selection of recipes from familiar favourites to less common dishes, from simple home cooking to more lavish special occasion creations.

When producing the book, I learnt a lot about our past and how it has shaped our food culture today. There really aren't that many cookbooks out there that focus on food from different Chinese dialect groups and I believe it's important to document these recipes before they are forgotten or lost.

In 2010, after finishing my HEG thesis on the food blogging phenomenon, where I researched comprehensively and wrote about this new media, I decided that although we have to keep up with the digital world, we shouldn't forget our traditions/past either.

My dissertation inspired me to find a balance between traditional print media (magazines and books) and the instant, interactive world of food blogs. Essentially, both medium are complementary, allowing us to offer/receive information that's packaged differently.

At some point in the near future, I'll be starting a blog that focuses on food heritage. It will be a spin-off of my first cookbook, so keep a look out for it."

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