Testimonial Dato' Fazley YAAKOB – HEG 2015 graduate

 fazley yaakob

After winning the Malaysian edition of MasterChef, I pursued patisserie in Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and thought that the knowledge I brought home from there would suffice. But the city of Paris kept calling me back. I applied for HEG to learn more, to know more, to bring back to Malaysia more of French expertise and speciality in food and drink. My experience at HEG is a once-in-a-lifetime networking and knowledge empowerment process. The program gathers enthusiasts from all over the world and encourages us to have open dialogue about taste.

One week spent in Le Cordon Bleu, Paris and another week in Reims gives us 2 different experience when it comes to learning. A student would feel very privileged to be able to receive knowledge from world renown experts, who are as charming as they are charismatic. Each lecture is a mind-opener. A student would be able to see things very differently from day 1 of lecture and carry on with them this information back to their fields.

It is not often we get a chance to know the history of food and drink, its social and cultural impact, and at the same time, get to taste the finest food prepared by Michelin star chefs. The precious knowledge is served like a delicate dish on a warm plate for every lesson. That is how I have felt throughout my journey at HEG.

Both Edwige, as the director of HEG, and Colette, as the director for University of Reims, has made us feel at home and well taken care of, from the initial point of communications via email to finally meeting in person, day to day welfare, travel and transfers, agenda and schedules. They are very accommodating, understanding and highly knowledgeable about their areas of each HEG modules. They are also encouraging; the more I've learnt the more I want to know.

To be honest, I look forward to a spin-off program of HEG, where former students travel to a participating alumni's country of origin where an another module is organised. 

Good luck to future participants, it will change your life. 

Thank you HEG committee for selecting me to be a part of a very prestigious program.

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