Testimonial - Robyn Gaiter (Australia) - Alumna 2015

Robyn Gaiter, Alumna

From the bubbly mind of Herve This to the science behind the bubbles in champagne, within the Le Cordon Bleu HEG diploma you will find favourite topics and conversations. You will also develop new favourites from subjects that you previously knew little of.  The course is varied and intense. Come with an open mind and your senses will leave rewarded with knowledge far beyond any other educational program.

The Haute Etudes du Gout Diploma was my final unit of the Master of Gastronomy and Tourism program with Le Cordon Bleu and Southern Cross University in Australia. This is two weeks of excellent French content about numerous topics of gastronomy, not only from expert lecturers and professors but also passionate educators who want to share their information. This information often includes decades of study into topics and is delivered to the students in a cultured format.
Added to the education of the program is the sharing of authentic French food among likeminded colleagues. Education and themed dinners, bistro lunches,  wine matching and champagne tasting at various temperatures in beautiful champagne houses. What is not to love about this style of education..?

This was my first visit to Paris and Reims and I truly encourage all of my Masters colleagues – and anyone passionate about gastronomy - to complete this program.

Institut des Hautes Etudes du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des des Arts de la Table

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