Testimonial - Jose Luis Cabanero (Spain) - Alumnus 2015

José Luis Cabanero, Alumnus

I learned about Hautes Etudes de Gout during my studies at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid, I saw it as a good studies continuation to gain a deeper understanding about the culinary world.  From day one I was positively surprised about the deep knowledge exposed by the various professors and discovered wider aspects of Gastronomy.

A few weeks after the course I found myself providing deep insight into a variety of aspects pertaining to the gastronomic field, some of them out of my interest before, and also with stronger view in areas that were one of my core subject matters before the course. 

Professionally I run a gastronomic projects Business Incubator, Eatable Adventures. The variety of domains we need to cover is certainly wide, Hautes Etudes du Goût has reassured my ground in most of the areas needed to effectively manage new businesses and also has opened up and provided solid ground in new areas that are proving very relevant to develop these businesses. It is certainly a strong push into how to nurture good food based businesses. 

There are certain areas that were surprising for me; how tradition, going back to middle ages, shape a country culinary environment, how important is nutrition in our life, how taste can be managed and how it influences our eating habits, etc. Certainly areas I have discovered and feel compel to continue researching. 

The Off-class experience also had a remarkable impact, having previously obtained a Diplôme de Cuisine by Le Cordon Bleu Madrid I could experience Gastronomy in depth, understanding better the learnings from this training and how excepcional modern gastronomy is based on traditional techniques.  These learning events were an experience on their own, they proved to be a relaxed environment to interact with French top talent in the gastronomic field, providing an excellent insight on who a multiple and diverse companies excel in their own domain.

A fundamental part of the course are your peer students, in just two weeks we developed a solid team; we had interesting conversations among us and are still in close contact, advising each other as needed. To be a part of that team of students with similar goals and the will to collaborate and help when needed is a key component of the programme. 

A key take away for me was the definition of Gastronomy as the sum of excellent products, excellent techniques and love for what you do. Clearly Hautes Etudes du Goût is built upon the roots of that definition, excellent faculty, excellent programme and a team of experts that love to transmit the meaning of gastronomy to the world.

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