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Sylvie Lortal, PhD

Sylvie LortalSylvie Lortal, PhD – Microbiology and food science
Research Director at Inra

Sylvie conducts an applied and basic research on cheese microflora for the past 25 years, exploring in particular the mechanisms of cheese ripening, the in situ activity of key enzymes and the biodiversity of technological properties among lactic and propionic acid bacteria. For her research, she was in 2011 the recipient of the American Dairy Science Award. She was during 8 years the head of the UMR Science & technology of Milk and Eggs, located at Inra Rennes ( Passionate about fermented foods, their unique place in the human diet and the biodiversity of the microbial ecosystems involved, she established in 2006 in Rennes a Center of Biological Resources “bacteria of food interest” (CIRM-BIA), a collection Iso-9001 certified of 4000 strains, for which she is still a scientific advisor. Always in the field of the microbial collections, she coordinated the European Intrastructure project EMbaRC (FP7- 2009-2012). She is at present member of the board of the Microbiology and Food Chain department of Inra.

Institut des Hautes Etudes du Goût, de la Gastronomie et des des Arts de la Table

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